Monday, October 18, 2010

On Todays Episode of "What Was I Thinking?"

(Cue theme song to any 60's family show) I decide it would be fun to pull out the cookie cutters and let the kids play with cookie dough...really I could stop here and and you could imagine the mess involved, but I will go on! So after their bath ("after"the second "What was I thinking? moment") which flooded the bathroom with a solid 1/2 inch of water. I made some ginger snap dough, lined the table with wax paper and sprinkled on flour. They each got a small mound of dough and a few shapes. Immediately they began laughing, having a great time, and getting straight to work. That would be about when Elijah decided to jump up from his seat to fetch the rolling pin, taking with him his wax paper, flour, and tiny pieces of dough. When he walked back to his spot and saw the demise of his dough he began rubbing it into the chair...the table...the carpet...and his freshly bathed body, all while singing "clean up clean up"! Meanwhile Addalene finally had fallen asleep and I was trying to lay her down without waking her up, so he kept at it. Lucky for him, it was an accident, I may have come unglued otherwise!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Does Matthew McConaughey Have To Do With My Water And Twilight?

So I was thinking about our water and how it has higher than allowed levels of radioactivity in it. Which led me to thinking about the movie Sahara and how the people were dumping toxic waste into the peoples water? This led to thinking about who was in the movie, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz. So I started wondering what happened to Matthew. Wasn’t he People Magazines hottest man alive at one point? So I pondered this and where he disappeared to and remembered that he became a father, not just a father, but a “babys daddy.” Now from what I gather from the wonder of the wide web, he is a great dad. But did he decide to stop acting or am I just not seeing the movies he is in? Best I can tell, once he became a baby daddy his audience of ladies, mostly middle aged women turned their backs on him. I would imagine that according to statistics somewhere between 40-50% of those ladies were single moms at one point, or had a single mom. So did he give the ultimate betrayal to his fans? Can women no longer look up to him? Is it like when team Edward switched to team Jacob because Edward left Bella, except for a few women who were like “he did it because he really loves her”-I’d bet that many of those girls have been in hurtful relationships before (sad but true?). Face it Jacob took better care of Bella and treated her right even when he knew he would get nothing in return. It is not about looks to me, I admire actors who are setting good examples for the public who watches every step. Like when Tom Cruise took his daughter and had a tea party at the American Girls CafĂ©.

So Matthew, if you want your fans back, tie the knot with your little lady! Who knows I could be wrong, maybe it is the lady who doesn’t want to commit…