Saturday, August 7, 2010

Continued and Why Oh Why?

On to Grotto we went! Well, those who were going, it was not a part of the party. I love Grotto, their tomato soup is insanely wonderful, along with their tiramisu-if you like tiramisu, have never had tiramisu, hate tiramisu or love it and eat it everyday, you must go get a piece of their! Oh no now I am hungry. I was a little sad because, while still great, their service is no longer as exceptional as it once was (unless you had been there before, you wouldn’t notice-the service is still wonderful just not AS high quality as it was). The evening was wonderful, and food delicious, Chloe opened her gifts and we ate cake (compliments of Grotto and awesome!) and tiramisu!
On Friday, our real birthday, we hung out at home and relaxed while Bobby worked. Nothing exciting, but at the last minute I did decide to bake a cake after all. European Mocha Fudge Torte! It was delicious! –I'm noticing a food trend here…
Then this last week, two wonderful friends took me to lunch at PF Changs, with only Addie in tow! It was alot of girl talk, fun, food, relaxation, and laughter. All in all an excellent gift! The weeks of celebrating will end in a few days after my dad takes me (us) to dinner, see more food! I'm not sure where we are going yet, I was told to pick. I wish the Aquarium, Hard Rock, Magical Time Machine or Rainforest Cafe were closer-I love well themed restaurants!
As for today...
I washed the dishes, swept and mopped, picked up toys, vacuumed, scrubbed the table, did laundry, cleaned the cupboards and outside of the fridge. Then the kids ate lunch, really do I need to go into detail, it wasn't "bad" but it now looks just like it did before all that work-so I'm chalking all the cleaning down to exercise!
Elijah woke up about 4 days ago and decided he was ready to potty train, he was doing excellent, then around noon yesterday changed his mind, and for 24 hours went everywhere but the potty, then noon today was ready I decided that the difference between a toddler and bi-polar disorder is about 4 years. I have always heard that with each kid time goes faster-part of losing brain cells?-but I didn't realize just ow true it could be. My beautiful princess is 8! My silly handsome man is almost 3! And my darling dumplin' is 4 months old! I still think of her as a newborn, but shes not! She is almost sitting on her own, working on her first tooth, and using both hands together! I love watching the kids interact, Chloe is the boss, of course, always trying to be mom and take care of the little 2, but I was surprised that Elijah became the lovey dovey one, he will be mid tantrum, but stop to kiss and hug Addie, or whoever he isn't mad at. She in the mean time sits back and laughs at him as he cries! Well thats all I have got for now have a good one!

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